‘Anti-social’ Pomeroy R-driver given points for speeding

The Cookstown to Moneymore dual carriageway
The Cookstown to Moneymore dual carriageway

A Pomeroy R-driver has been fined £500 after he was clocked at 86mph on the Moneymore-Cookstown dual carriageway.

The court heard how Dean James Crooks, 19, from Knockavaddy Road, was spotted at the speed on the evening of May 15.

It was also noted that his exhaust was not legal and nor was his registration plate.

Mr Craig Patton, defending, told the court that his client had been made aware by his parents that his speeding was unacceptable.

He said that they had put him on the road in order to help them take care of his younger siblings.

He described how his client works for a contractor on a farm and that his licence is essential to retaining that work.

Mr Patton described how Crooks had fitted the exhaust himself and “might not have been up to the level of expertise” required.

He further stated that Crooks had previously worked for a number plate company and had made the plate himself, believing it to be road legal.

“You talk about his family... they would’ve most definitely heard this anti-social practice of making one’s car as loud as possible,” said District Judge John Meehan.

He then handed down fines totalling £500 and five penalty points.