Ardboe firm create A-Perfect design for champion jockey McCoy

AP McCoy
AP McCoy

AWARD-winning Ardboe based company Canavan Interiors were the clear winners for Champion jockey AP McCoy as he chose them to design his new home.

The champion jockey who recently completed a historic 4,000th career win approached Canavan Interiors following a recommendation from a builder.

AP, travelled over from England to Canavan Interiors and spent a day going over various designs with the team in the showroom and then returned for the design presentation and was very pleased with what he saw.

Jason Canavan, lead designer with the firm told the MAIL that AP was ‘ very impressed with the standard of the showroom and the furniture.

Jason said: “We put together a design proposal for the house. We didn’t just do the kitchen we did the whole house. So that included, kitchen, utlity, laundry room, walk-in dressing room, bedroom etc. We basically furinshed the house from top to bottom.”

“The kitchen he chose is very modern, he went for ceramic worktops and a special lighting design for the area as well. For the bedrooms it was all of our handmade range of furniture and a bespoke piece to specifically fit the dressing room,” Jason added.

Jason told the MAIL it was a great project to be involved with and AP was very pleased with the finished product: “He took pictures of the finished rooms and was very pleased. He shook hands with us all and gave signed autographs to everyone invovled and wished us all the best for the future. He was great to work with and hopefully there will be more work to come as a result of it.”

Reflecting on the job Jason said he didn’t really take it in or appreciate it at the time but looking back on it now he said: “For them to make a decision and say we are going to go for a company in Ardboe as opposed to a London showroom was a big achievement for ourselves. In terms of the service we provide and the design quality and strength of our design team, all went very smoothly and we were very pleased.”