Ardboe’s first-ever Christmas tree is the wonder of Oz

Christmas down under
Christmas down under

News that Ardboe is to have its first ever Christmas tree this festive season, has reached as far away as Australia thanks to the Tyrone Times and Mid Ulster Mail!

Local people and those living thousands of miles away have welcomed the move, which came about following a request made two years ago to SDLP councillor for the area, Deirdre Mayo.

The tree will be situated between the new Credit Union building and the monument in the carpark of Ardboe Parish Centre.

Cllr Mayo explains more: “As a councillor I often get requests for many things. Almost two years ago I got a request for a Christmas tree in Ardboe. I approached the council but was turned down because there was no money in the budget for the capital cost of bringing electricity to a tree. During discussions between directors of Ardboe, of which I am a member, we decided that maybe this was something we could do for the community at the time of building our new premises.”

Cllr Mayo said the good news story, which was carried in the Mid Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times websites, had reached as far as Australia.