Around 200 Cookstown homes may have no water again for a second day

NI Water van with bottled water
NI Water van with bottled water

Around 200 hundred properties forced to go without water for some time yesterday [Jan 13], are set to “experience renewed disruption to the water supply” on Wednesday, according to Northern Ireland Water.

Residents in some of the homes and farms, which are serviced by the Water Treatment Works at Lough Fea, reported having no water as early as Monday night, while others are believed to have lost their supply on Tuesday morning.

NI Water have said the disruption to the water supply is down to “ongoing industrial action”.

Mid Ulster District Councillor, Mark Glasgow, who has spoken to some of those who have suffered, said: “These past few days have been testing to both domestic households, businesses and to our local farmers.

“I have been working closely with local residents, farmers and NI Water to ensure that they are aware of the areas that still affected.

Commending the work of the water company, he added: “At all times NI Water staff have been extremely professional and helpful - throughout the day and the night - trying to resolve these problems.

“The people of Cookstown and the surrounding countryside areas, especially the Montober area, have suffered over the past few days.

“A number of farms have had their water supply disrupted since Monday night - putting the farmers under serious pressure and stress - as their animals needed water.

“I hope we will be once again be acquainted with the service that NI water has delivered over the past few years, and that these events will not occur again.”

“NI Water can confirm [that] approximately 200 properties served directly from Lough Fea Water Treatment Works (Cookstown area) may experience renewed disruption to their water supply due to the ongoing industrial action,” a spokesperson said on Wednesday [Jan 14].

“NI Water has identified the problem and is using all resources at its disposal to recharge the system.

“NI Water fully recognises this is a frustrating experience for our customers,” they added, “and can assure them we are doing everything possible to restore water supplies as quickly as possible.

“Unfortunately, with 26,000kms of water mains, 15,000kms of sewers and literally 1000’s of pumping stations and treatment works to monitor it was virtually inevitable there will be interruptions to services to our customers.

“The current weather conditions are also contributing to the difficulties our staff are facing.

“NI Water remains on high alert with a Major Incident regime in place and we are committed to continued engagement with Trade Unions in an effort to resolve this dispute.

“The company would stress once more the key demand that pension reform be delayed is not within its gift to provide.

“It believes dialogue rather than causing disruption represents the best way forward.”