Award-winning artist showcased at Craic Theatre

CRAIC Theatre & Arts Centre, Coalisland, has firmly cemented its commitment to future art exhibitions by installing a top of the range display system designed to exhibit all types of artwork large and small.

According to Mickey Carolan of Craic, ‘The installation of this top of the range display system means that we can now cater for all types of Artwork’. E

Encouraged by the success of The McLarnon Brothers Art Exhibition the Craic are delighted to announce the opening of The Catherine Creaney Art Exhibition on Monday 25th February at 7.30pm.

Everyone welcome. The Craic is also unique in that the art gallery incorporates a generous seating area, which ensures that opening nights are congenial, relaxed affairs with tea or coffee and Alice’s delectable home-made bread.

Catherine Creaney, from Coalisland, is a self taught artist who has developed her technique and style by exploration, experimentation and by the close observation of artists she admires.

Her work is exhibited throughout Ireland and the UK. Her work encompasses both abstraction and portraiture. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Northern Ireland and has had work exhibited at the RUA Annual Exhibition on several occasions.

In 2011 she was awarded the Drawing Prize sponsored by the Tom Caldwell Gallery and the Rowel Friers Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Bewley’s Ltd at the The Royal Ulster Academy’s 130th Annual Exhibition.