Award winning Cookstown slimmer counting health blessings

Donna wasn't happy with her weight
Donna wasn't happy with her weight

Cookstown woman Donna Muldoon has improved both her health and outlook on life after losing two stone in four months with Slimming World.

Her garden equipment has now given way to gym gear after she took over the shed as her own personal ‘woman cave’.

Donna after her transformation

Donna after her transformation

And that’s not all, as well as being taken off blood pressure tablets and removed from a bone density watch list by her doctor, Donna said she “hasn’t looked back” since losing the weight.

Fighting what seemed like a losing battle with her waist line, Donna has gone on to be voted Woman of the Year 2015 by her group.

And it all started when she decided to do something about it.

“I’d been unhappy with my size for some time and tried to lose weight, but I didn’t really know how to make long-term changes,” Donna explained.

“I would watch what I ate, but cut out everything I liked and while I managed to lose some weight - it just wasn’t sustainable. The thought of never being able to have a slice of bread or cake again!

“I did a bit of research, found out about a local group in the town and realised I didn’t have anything to lose – except weight – and I thought I should at least give it a go.”

And since then she has never looked back.

“At two stone lighter, I definitely don’t have any regrets. The great thing is you don’t go hungry. It’s about healthy eating – and substantial, satisfying helpings of healthy food too – not fads and gimmicks.

Now I regularly cook for my family and make our favourite meals in a low-fat way, such as using low calorie cooking spray instead of oil and choosing lean cuts of meat. I can still have curries and Chinese dishes, steak and chips and roast dinners, which is great for all of us.”

As the pounds started to drop off, Donna said she also had more energy.

“Slimming World encourages you to boost your weight loss and fitness by becoming more active, but you can start as big or as small as you like.”

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