Ballinderry businessman’s car torched by ‘thugs’ in Cookstown

A car was 'deliberately' burned out in Cookstown on Tuesday
A car was 'deliberately' burned out in Cookstown on Tuesday

A Ballinderry woman has hit out at the “thugs” who torched her husband’s car after he left it in a Cookstown cul-de-sac over the Twelfth weekend.

The businessman, who works in the Oldtown area, left his silver Toyota Accent on Coagh Crescent on Friday evening so he could go out for a few drinks after work.

But he was unable to get back for the vehicle over the weekend and decided to leave it there until Wednesday - when he planned to return to work.

The family, however got the shock of their life when police contacted them at 5am on Tuesday morning [July 14] to tell them the vehicle had been torched.

“The police contacted here at 5am to say that they had my husband’s car away,” Mrs Brady explained.

“They said ‘your car has been burned out’.

“I am angry about it because you do get angry when things like that are done,” the Ballinderry woman added. “The car stays there everyday anyway - just over this past weekend we were too busy.”

When asked who she thought had done it she added: “I’m not a politically minded person - it’s just thugs.”

And as for how her husband feels about the incident, she added: “He’s more angry about it because he has no way to get in and out to his work.”

A police spokesperson said: “Police were contacted by the NIFRS at around 4.50am this morning [Tuesday] regarding a car on fire in Coagh Crescent. Crews believed the car was deliberately set alight. Officers are now making a number of enquiries into the incident.”