Ballinderry pearl mussels project on BBC’s Countryfile

Ballinderry River Trust
Ballinderry River Trust

The Ballinderry River Trust’s project to bring back the globally endangered freshwater pearl mussel will feature on BBC’s Countryfile programme this Sunday.

The Countryfile team spent a morning with the staff and volunteers at Ballinderry Rivers Trust videoing the work being done to protect the Globally Endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel.

This is a species on the brink of extinction but with the help of local landowners, the wider community and the breeding project we are hoping to save the mussel from its untimely fate.

Alan Keys, Project Manager explained: “The protection of the Ballinderry freshwater pearl mussel would not be possible without the cooperation and contributions made by the landowners and businesses along the upper Ballinderry River.

“So far we estimate that around £45,000 of in­kind contributions have been made by landowners and they deserve recognition for this. The project had a budget of £120,000 for river restoration works but we have been able to undertake around £160,000 worth because of their support.

“Future generations will be able to enjoy freshwater pearl mussels living in their river because of the support the community of the Ballinderry has given today”.