Ballyronan’s ‘Little Princess’ donates her hair to child with none

Cerys Murray, 10, from Ballyronan is donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust
Cerys Murray, 10, from Ballyronan is donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust

A brave Ballyronan girl has had her waist-length hair cut off to make a wig for a cancer-stricken child with none.

Little Cerys Murray, from Ballyneill Road, visited Bobs in Magherafelt last Friday where she had her hair brushed, braided and measured to make sure she could give the 17cm length required.

But mum Angela said they were able to take off an impressive 25cm length whilst still leaving the ten-year-old with shoulder length hair.

Speaking to the Mail about her decision to donate her lovely locks, the St Trea’s pupil said: “It was for charity - because they have no hair.

“They’ve got cancer and their hair falls out,” and she said that she wanted to do something to help.

When asked where she heard about the organisation that accepts hair for wigs, she added: “I always knew.”

Cerys went on to say that when she had her hair cut in the hairdressers, she wasn’t sure what the hairdresser thought about it all.

And although none of her friends are up for the challenge, she added “they think it’s good”.

The schoolgirl said the hair will be sent off straight away to The Little Princess Trust.

Having been growing her hair “forever”, Cerys added that this was her first proper hair cut, having only had trims in the past.

But she said she didn’t mind and that she hoped the hair would make life a little easier for the little girl who gets her wig, and that she “gets better very soon”.

Cerys’s mum Angela then said: “It has had an odd wee trim in the past, but only about half a centimetre because she didn’t want to get it cut.

“Then she toyed with the idea of getting it cut and a friend of hers said, ‘do you know you can donate your hair to charity?’

“She thought that it was a great idea and we just looked up the website [for] the Little Princess Trust, they give you very detailed information about the length of hair needed and how it has to be sent.

“They get quite a few donations every month, but they still say it isn’t enough to meet the demand.”

For more information on how to donate your hair go to