Bateson welcomes Ballymaguigan speed limit

SINN Féin councillor for Magherafelt Peter Bateson has welcomed the announcement by Road Services that work has been approved to introduce a reduced speed limit of 40mph through Ballymaguigan.

“This is something that the community has been asking for for some time. It has been of great concern that there has been, until now, only the national limit past a primary school and the football field,” he said.

“This is very welcome news and I am informed that the new signage will be in place before the beginning of the new school year.

“Drivers have been passing the school at speeds of 60 mph and, I’m sure, more at times as there has been no restriction in place. It goes without saying the potential risk to the pupils and the safety of the children must be the first priority and it good to see this being taken of the back burner and approved for action in the immediate future.

“A great deal of the credit for this must go to the school headmaster, Kevin Devlin, and the local community who have been successful in their campaign to see this brought about.

“I would also call on the public to pay attention to and adhere to this limit, this is a perfect example of why speed limits are in place and why we need to be mindful of them.”