Become a host family for children from Chernobyl

THE Chernobyl Children Appeal NI Cookstown Group is holding a meeting to invite host families to take part in next year’s summer break for children from the Chernobyl region.

A meeting will take place in the Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown at 8pm on Tuesday 6th November.

Everyone is invited to attend and learn more about the work the charity does and to consider the possibility of becoming a host family for next year.

Chernobyl Children Appeal NI runs a yearly programme that involves inviting children from the Chernobyl region to visit Northern Ireland for three weeks. The children stay with a host family where they enjoy a range of activities and more importantly, eat healthy, uncontaminated food.

For the past 3 years host families have had the option of sharing the break with another local family. This has proven to be very successful, with many families going on to host for the entire duration the next time. Host family always feel that they get more out of the experience than they put in.

The three weeks the children spend here enhances their health and well-being. It also gives them the opportunity of enjoying activities that simply aren’t available at home, from going to the swimming pool and cinema, to walking on the beach and enjoying the simple things, the things we take for granted. 
Travelling in a car, shopping in the supermarket, eating fresh fruit, playing in the garden, picking fruit, baking or kicking a football are some of the simple things that make the children happy.

It is recommend that families host 2 children, as it easier and better for not only the children but the host family too. Most of the visiting children will already know each other as they might be from the same school or village. An interpreter also accompanies the children staying with a host family close by and will be on hand 24 hours a day to assist with any communication problems that may arise. The children integrate well within the host families and the host family children really enjoy the experience. 
All a family requires to apply to become a host family is space, time and a bed for the child. The Chernobyl Children Appeal will arrange all passports and transport and also facilitate in compulsory vetting procedures. 
For further information On the Chernobyl Children Appeal log on to

Please accept this invitation to consider becoming a host family and attend the open meeting on the 6th November in the Greenvale Hotel at 8.00pm.