Bonfire was meant to cause further hurt and pain to families - Wilson

Councillor Trevor Wilson
Councillor Trevor Wilson

Cookstown Ulster Unionist Councillor Trevor Wilson has condemned the actions of bonfire builders in the Bogside area of Londonderry, who "caused widespread offence by placing the names of murdered police and prison officers on a bonfire before setting it alight."

“The shameful display on Wednesday night’s bonfire in the Bogside was intended to cause further hurt and pain to the families of brave men murdered by terrorists," said the Mid Ulster councillor.

“One of the names was that of Cookstown prison officer David Black, murdered by the republican terrorists as he drove to work in November 2012. The other names referenced were another Prison officer Adrian Ismay, plus Police officers Ronan Kerr and Stephen Carroll.

“All four of these men put on uniforms and dedicated themselves to serving the entire community. Their bravery stands in complete contract to the twisted minds who placed their names on that bonfire.

“Stolen poppy wreaths were also burned on the bonfire, highlighting the full extent of the sickness affecting the people responsible.

“There is little hope for the type of people who would do this and I welcome the widespread condemnation this action has received. That will be of some comfort to the families of these brave men, but condemnation needs to backed up by local communities stepping up and refusing to tolerate this type of activity in their areas.

“Whoever placed these names and wreaths on the bonfire was motivated by hatred and a desire to cause as much offence and pain as possible and my thoughts as always, are with the families of the victims of terrorism.”