Boy racers at Toome nightspot ‘will kill someone unless they stop’


Mid-Ulster Sinn Féin councillor, Peter Bateson has called for “so-called boy racers who are bringing great danger to the road network adjacent to The Elk to desist immediately before a tragedy occurs”.

The leading republican elected representative said: “It is well past the time for this reckless anti-community activity to stop.

“Residents living adjacent to The Elk in particular as well as a large number of Newbridge parishoners are sick, sore and tired of the actions of what can only be described as death drivers.

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“Older people and young families with children having to get up for school in the morning are having their sleep patterns disrupted. The parents, family and friends of the individuals involved in this anti-community activity need to exercise influence and have them desist from annoying the community as well as potentially visiting tragedy on road users and local families.

“This is not a case of ‘petrol heads’ having fun. It is a case of great annoyance, upset and danger for local residents. It is total disrespect for the community.

“I will this week be again strongly calling upon those statutory organisations tasked with ensuring public safety to do their job and have this important matter sorted.”