Breaking: Cookstown missionary Maud Kells shot in Congo returns home

Maud Kells in DR Congo
Maud Kells in DR Congo

The Cookstown missionary who was shot by bandits in DR Congo just days after being awarded an OBE, arrived home yesterday afternoon [Sunday].

Maud Kells was escorted home by two nurses, but aside from that there were no other special measures in place for her journey.

Speaking about the news, which was announced on Sunday night at Molesworth Presbyterian Church, Rev Ivor Smith said: “She is home safe [and] she is doing fairly well.

“The wound is still being dressed and that’s still healing up, but she’s doing well and everybody is glad that she’s home.

“She will hopefully have a chance to continue her recovery and build up her strength - how long that’s going to take I don’t know.”

Maud suffered a broken rib, and wounds to her arm and side when the bullet she was shot with passed through her body.

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When asked how the 75-year-old got home, Rev Smith added: “She took ordinary flights - but obviously there were special arrangements made for her so she could be as comfortable as possible.

“Two former nurses - one of them still is a missionary - they went out and they came home with her just to make sure that there were no problems.

“They both know her well, so she was in safe hands.”

Rev Smith told the Mail that Maud may consider an interview when she is feeling up to it, but asked that the media respect her privacy at this time.

Maud is not staying at her home in Cookstown.