Bringing new ChildLine service into the classroom

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CASTLEDAWSON volunteer Sinead McGrogan has been commended on her contribution to the ChildLine Schools Service, which has so far delivered to 151 schools across Northern Ireland.

The service, which aims to reach every child in Northern Ireland by visiting primary schools once every two years, is heavily reliant on the contribution of its committed volunteers.

Northern Ireland manager of the ChildLine Schools Service, Shaun Friel, said: “I am constantly awed by the selflessness of our volunteers, and indeed all the individuals who give their time to the NSPCC.

“To reach every child across Northern Ireland, we need help. Our volunteers present assemblies and workshops to children aged between seven and 11 years old in primary schools across Northern Ireland, and are a resource we could not do without.”

Applauding their continuing contribution, Shaun said: “Many children within Northern Ireland continue to suffer abuse and many suffer this abuse in silence, unable to speak out.

“The majority of children who call ChildLine are over the age of eleven, but research shows that younger children can be especially vulnerable as they may not have an understanding or awareness of abuse or the support available to them to know how and when to seek help.

“We want to reach out to younger children across Northern Ireland to ensure they have an understanding of abuse, of how to protect themselves, and how to seek help if they need it – including through ChildLine.”

Encouraging others to get involved, he added: “There is no set ‘type’ of volunteer we need; we are looking for a wide range of people who are committed to helping protect and safeguard children.

“If you would like to volunteer for the ChildLine Schools Service you can find out more and apply online at the NSPCC website”