British Truth Forum man’s home is put under siege

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The chairman of the British Truth Forum, William Lennox, has said he will continue ‘defending British culture in Mid Ulster’ despite multiple attacks on his home.

Mr Lennox said he and his wife now “live for the next attack” on their property at Annaghmore Road on the outskirts of Castledawson.

He said the attacks and threats of violence do not worry him - “they roll off my shoulders” - but he admitted they are concerned that something more serious could happen.

The latest incident took place just before July 12 when a number of youths attempted to remove a Union flag from his house around two in the morning.

CCTV images of the incident have been posted on social media and the BTF are planning to post a video of the incident.

Mr Lennox said he has reported all the incidents to the PSNI but no one has been charged.

He also told how, in May, he was confronted by a man at Ballyronan Road in Magherafelt and “grabbed by the throat” and told he would be killed. He said the incident took place in broad daylight and lasted over ten minutes, holding up traffic.

“The police put out an appeal but no witnesses came forward,” he said.

He believes the attacks are linked to his repeated criticism of Mid Ulster Council and “their policy of erasing British cultural expression within the district.”

Mr Lennox is convinced republicans are encouraged by Mid Ulster Council’s actions over bonfires and flags. “It only makes me stronger and determined to go on exposing the corruption and lies,” he continued. “You expect to be attacked when youBy tell the truth.”

The BTF came to public attention two years ago after the council removed a Union flag and pole from the centre of Magherafelt where it had stood for around 70 years.

Members of the group reinstated the flag and pole but it was taken down the following night by council contractors to allow completion of work on the town’s public realm scheme.

The group also called for a Christmas tree located in the centre of Magherafelt to be removed as it might offend non-Christians.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Mid Ulster District Council is a democratically elected body, which neither condones nor encourages violence of any kind.

“The Council condemns any attacks on people or property and would urge anyone with information to contact the PSNI.”

A PSNI spokesperson said that they had received the report of a theft at a property on the Annaghmore Road on Tuesday, July 10, and enquiries into the matter are ongoing.