Bugsy Malone

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The Education Authority, Youth Service based in Cookstown along with 56 young people put on a musical production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ in Lanyon Hall, Cookstown on Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23 to a packed house that was completely sold out for both nights.

Area Youth Worker, Allen Fleming stated: “As a youth service and a team of Youth Workers, we had decided that we would try something new in terms of producing a show that would bring young people together for the sole purpose of coming together and working together to produce a finished article. Throughout the project we engaged with 118 young people who registered to take part from three local Cookstown primary schools, eight local post primary schools within Mid-Ulster as well as Eotas and South West College in Cookstown and Dungannon.

“The project involved young people from all walks of life, from a range of abilities and from a range of capabilities. The fact that these young people have been able to come together and work together to produce “Bugsy” is testament to effort put in by the young people involved. Friendships have been made which we hope to build on through projects in the future. And based on the success that this production has achieved we would be keen that we build on this and make ‘Musical Youth’ bigger and better for next year if we are able to get the funding.”

The production was directed by Brian McMahon from B-Dramatic who worked with the cast to produce what was described as “the best experience in their life” by some of the young people involved. It is hoped that Cookstown Musical Youth will be able to continue to grow and if any young person aged 11 to 18 years would like to be a part of something new, exciting, innovative and fun that involves, singing, acting, dance and music then contact Allen at Cookstown Youth Resource Centre on 07933477695.