Calls for electricity price hike meeting

THE Executive must meet urgently to discuss the latest electricity price increase.

That’s according to Magherafelt councillor Kate Lagan, who expressed concerns over the ability of people to pay extra money in light of rising living costs.

“This price hike is far too severe and will plunge many people deeper into fuel poverty, debt and stress,” said the SDLP councillor. “It is bad news for households across Northern Ireland and will result in greater hardship for those already worried about surviving the coming winter months.

“The Executive cannot just sit back and accept this increase in the cost of electricity. The SDLP is calling for an emergency meeting of the Executive to radically review our energy management structures and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure less expensive prices.

“We are in a dire situation where the cost of living is surging but the majority of people’s incomes are being reduced or remaining the same.

“Energy poverty is already a serious problem for many people, this massive jump in electricity costs will just make things worse for those most vulnerable in our society.

“It is vital that immediate action is taken by our Executive so that those feeling the financial squeeze are given some help to pay their energy bills.”