Dungannon con woman ‘caused me a lot of pain and hardship’

Bernadette McGeary. INTT3712-063X
Bernadette McGeary. INTT3712-063X

A Dungannon investor has described the woman who stole £50,000 from him as ‘heartless and cruel’.

Bernadette McGeary ensationally pleaded guilty in Court to stealing about £270,000 from local investors who believed they were investing in holiday homes and businesses in Spanish resorts.

Marinasol apartments

Marinasol apartments

The group of conned businessmen now fear they will never get their money back, but are hoping the courts will give them some financial redress.

“I lost £50,000 to her and I know of several other businessmen who say they have lost hundreds of thousands”, said the disgruntled Dungannon investor, who initiated the police investigation in 2008.

“She bullied us into signing power of attorney forms into her name, which gave her complete control over our Spanish bank accounts.

“I’m now left with an apartment I can’t sell and a large mortgage which I should never have had in the first place.

“I’m checked with a Spanish estate agent, and they tell me that currently there are one and half million empty apartments in that province.

“She has caused me a lot of pain and hardship. For the last five years, she has fed me empty promises of returning my investment. In addition, it has been a big financial drain just flying to and from Spain to pursue this case. Her behaviour has been heartless and cruel.

“I sincerely hope that I will have some sort of financial redress, but I fear that what I’m owed is just the tip of the iceberg.”