Fun day planned at Kenny’s Spar

SATURDAY March 17th will see a community fun packed day from 11 – 5pm at Kenny’s SPAR, Highfield to celebrate it’s 2nd birthday.

Two customers will walk away with a £50 in store voucher as well as a draw of three children’s colouring entrants.

‘Go Local’ is key to the community in terms of consumers and business, so Kenny Bradley has decided to host this day at his newest store to give some ‘fun’ back to his shoppers in these gloomy times.

From its cross community sponsorship programme, to the cascade of products from local producers, and over to the upbeat staff and smiling customers, the store trumpets one thing loud and clear: community.

The Kenny’s SPAR brand has been centered around independence, support for small producers of quality food, and partnerships with key community groups all of which are underpinned by one core belief.

Proprietor Kenny Bradley said: “As a family-owned business whose stores are a vital part of their local community, we believe that we should have a positive impact on those people who depend on us and, in turn, on whom we depend: our customers, other local businesses, our suppliers, staff and ultimately our environment.”

The store has worked tirelessly to support their local schools, Magherafelt and Spires Primary School as well as Sperrin Integrated College with various sponsorships, helping to create vital new facilities and support schemes.

And it’s not just the local kids who benefit. Local sporting teams such as the Magherafelt Sky Blues and Magherafelt Red are supported through sponsorship and products. Also more than 60% of goods sold in Kenny’s stores are from small local producers, a fact which Kenny says helps to sustain the financial viability of the area, but combined with the personal customer service also gives the store a point of difference against the larger supermarkets.

“Even though there is a considerable variance in income level within the Highfield area, the recession has made people more price-conscious,” says Kenny. “As such we are highlighting our 300 lines on promotion, which change every three weeks, even further ensuring they are much more visible.”

To reinforce the current price promotions the fun festival on Saturday 17th March will provide plenty of tastings, prizes and frivolity for the whole family. This just emphasizes that Kenny’s SPAR is that of a successful and true community store, which serves the needs of its customer.