Get Up for Work with Magherafelt council

AS part of the new ‘Up for Work’ programme, Network Personnel in conjunction with Magherafelt District Council has started an environmental programme which is creating job opportunities for those who have been unemployed.

The work will involve clearing up ancient cemeteries and neglected parks as well as other outdoor spaces which may be of historical interest or which would enhance tourism potential in the Magherafelt area.

So far restorations have been carried out in the old cemeteries in Desertmartin and in Desertlyn with plans to do further work over the coming months.

Commenting on the programme, Chairman of Magherafelt District Council Ian Milne said, “The project is fulfilling two very important purposes - not only are we providing meaningful employment in the Magherafelt area but we are also helping to restore outside spaces of benefit and interest to the local community.”

The overall Up for Work programme, which is managed by Network Personnel, is 65 per cent funded by the European Social Fund and the Department for Employment and Learning with this particular strand being part funded by Magherafelt District Council.

Other aspects of the programme, all of which are designed to upskill and develop employment prospects for the unemployed, will be rolled out by Network Personnel over the next few months.

Margaret Heron, the company manager said, “Working in the training and employment sector we are very aware of the issues facing those who have lost their jobs or indeed those who have never had the opportunity to work.

“Not only does unemployment bring financial hardship but it can cause a loss of confidence and a sense of isolation. The raft of help we have available through the programme is designed to alleviate these issues.”

On offer we will have horticulture training, motivational events, training in built heritage skills, a job search programmes and help and support for those considering self employment.

To find out more contact: Network Personnel 028 796 31032 or