Strike action should not affect Cookstown services, say council bosses

Bin collections may face disruption during today's strike
Bin collections may face disruption during today's strike

Local government, leisure and bin services are not likely to be affected by today’s strike, according to Cookstown council.

Given the green light through trade union ballots at NIPSA and Unite, the July 10 industrial action was voted in by 63% of union members in a dispute over pay.

Speaking to the Mail - Ivor Paisley - Director of Corporate and Operational Services for Cookstown Council, said: “It’s difficult for us to say, ‘absolutely there’ll be no disruption’, but at this stage, all of the services will be running.

“All of the squads are telling us that they are working, but they may be under some moral pressure not to.”

Mr Paisley also said - despite telling the Mail that around 40% of council staff are union members, going up to 60% in the leisure centre - he does not foresee much disruption as “people say they want to work, nobody wants to lose a day’s pay and obviously they are loyal to the council, the district and the rate-payers”.

He did concede that some bins may not be emptied, because “if half a technical services refuse squad strike, a lorry can’t go out with one [refuse collector] on it”.

But added: “The council will endeavour, on behalf of rate-payers to provide normal services.”