Welcome for Lough Fea resurfacing

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COOKSTOWN SDLP Councillor James McGarvey has welcomed confirmation from Roads Service that the resurfacing of Lough Fea Road is expected to be completed by September this year.

Cllr McGarvey said: “I met recently with senior Roads Service staff to raise concerns about the condition of the Lough Fea Road.

“They have confirmed to me that, following the installation of the new water mains, work will begin on the resurfacing of the road.

“They expect to have completed work on the resurfacing of the Lough Fea Road by September this year.

“This is welcome news for local residents and road users. A more secure water supply, and the improvement in road safety from the resurfacing work, will be worth the temporary inconvenience.”

The Cookstown councillor continued: “Our rural roads are a vital resource for rural communities and the rural economy.

“The SDLP will continue to call for a properly funded and co-ordinated approach to upgrading our entire rural roads network.”