Call for huge Catholic procession to defend under-threat Mass Rock in Tyrone

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A large parade is to take place at a centuries-old County Tyrone Mass Rock believed to be under threat by the operations of a gold mining company.

The Tyrone Order of the Ancient Hibernians has called on Catholics to descend in droves upon the pilgrimage site close to Greencastle on Sunday September 10.

Dalradian Gold wants to develop a mine in the area and plans to build a processing plant at the site which will use cyanide to extract the precious metal from ore mined locally.

Some residents have objected to the plan on health and environmental grounds and are fearful that if the plan goes ahead the ancient Mass rock could end up submerged in a pond.

The crusade has been organised by the recently formed Molly Maguires Ancient Order of Hibernian (AOH) division.

Last year Dalradian Gold refused to allow a local priest Fr John Forbes to say Mass at the historic site.

Dalradian has appeared to dispute the claims that the Mass Rock is on land they control.

“The Greencastle parish website indicates that there are three Mass Rocks in the parish,” it said.

“The diocesan office confirmed to us the information on the Greencastle parish website matched their records.

“None of these sites are on land controlled or owned by Dalradian. We have no evidence of a Mass Rock on land owned or controlled by us.”