Call for Mid Ulster council investigation into contracts awarded by former Magherafelt council

Mid Ulster council
Mid Ulster council

The leader of Mid Ulster’s Sinn Fein councillors Ronan McGinley, says his party is seeking an urgent meeting of the Mid Ulster Council Audit committee over concerns raised over procurement process in the former Magherafelt council.

On Monday, it was reported that the Northern Ireland Audit Office is ‘considering’ procurement procedures at the former Magherafelt council after it emerged design projects worth £22.75m were awarded to the same architects without going out to public tender.

The Irish News said the projects included the high profile £4m design contract for the Seamus Heaney Centre.

In a statment, Cllr. McGinley said it was important for Mid Ulster council to investigate the claims.

“If there are issues from one of the legacy councils there needs to be a full and thorough investigation,” he said.

“It is now the task of the Mid Ulster Audit committee to ensure transparency and good governance, and Sinn Féin would like to see immediate action to look into these matters.

“Mid Ulster council has worked extremely hard to keep and build the trust of our citizens, we are working positively for the area and any issues there may be from previous councils need ironed out.

He added: “I hope my colleague Cllr Wilson will agree with our request and hold an urgent meeting of the Audit Committee to ensure everything that can be done is put into motion quickly.”