Call for speed restriction at Rossa Park

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MAGHERAFELT Sinn Féin Councillor Peter Bateson has called for an extension of speed restrictions at Castledawson Road, Magherafelt in the area of Rossa Park GAA club grounds and Milltown chapel.

The area along a busy stretch of roadway is heavily used by those attending both the GAA premises and the local church. The call for speed restrictions comes following recent road traffic accidents in the vicinity of the GAA grounds and could have resulted in fatalities or serious injuries. Speaking following a meeting attended by Cllr Bateson, GAA club officials, Roads Service and PSNI, Councillor Bateson said: “Additional road safety measures need to be instated in this area to make the area safer for those motorists travelling through the area, those attending Rossa park, the church and pedestrians alike.

“Up to now, Roads Service has been reluctant to place additional speed restrictions in the area due to their assessment criteria which prohibits the restrictions due to lack of premises fronting this stretch of roadway. However I would argue that cognizance has to be given to the fact there is a GAA premises which is extensively used both throughout the day and in the evenings. I will be making further representations on the issue to Roads Service including providing a history of road traffic accidents in the vicinity. Time is long overdue for this stretch of roadway to be made safer for everyone using it.”

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