Calls to ‘reinstate the 70mph’ speed limit of the Cookstown-Moneymore dual carriageway

New speed limit on Moneymore-Cookstown dual carriageway
New speed limit on Moneymore-Cookstown dual carriageway

Some drivers are still angry about a decision to reduce the speed on the Cookstown-Moneymore dual carriageway from 70mph to 60mph.

The Mail reported how a number of large signs appeared on the road after years of discussions around speed on the long stretch of road.

But after we posted the story online it was met with questions and calls for the former limit of 70mph to be reinstated.

Some have asked whether the reason behind the move was to make money from speeding tickets, while others have hit out at the move, dubbing it “a joke”.

One commentator told the Mail: “The 60mph restriction is a joke. It’s a dual carriageway and they should not be allowed to reduce the speed limit. How many other people have been killed or seriously injured on roads over the years without having to reduce the limit. Reinstate the 70mph.”

Another said: “Morons will always be careless regardless of the speed limit, this only affects those who already stick to the speed limit. Driving without care and awareness of other vehicles is the bigger problem.”

A Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said: “It is the intention of the department to permanently reduce the speed limit on the dual carriageway section of the A29 between Cookstown and Moneymore from 70mph to 60mph to improved road safety.

“The new speed limit will be enforceable by the PSNI.”