Campbell welcomes new boiler scheme

MAGHERAFELT SDLP Councillor Jim Campbell has urged members of the public, particularly the elderly and disabled, to see if they are eligible for the government’s Boiler Replacement Scheme.

The scheme offers owner occupiers a grant of up to £1,000 to replace inefficient boilers, with energy efficient condensing oil or gas boilers; switching from oil to gas; or switching to a wood pellet boiler.

It is available to those who earn less than £40,000 a year with an inefficient boiler at least 15 years old and is dependent on total gross income.

“This is a fantastic scheme which aims to help those most in need of a boiler replacement. Unlike before, eligibility for this new scheme is not defined by age or benefit entitlement, but is means tested and is being made available for those who earn less than £40,000 per year,” he said.

“While this will go a long way to help those most in need heat their homes particularly as the cold winter nights set in, DSD should consider exempting those with disabilities from means testing and automatically offer them a replacement boiler as these people often have additional heating costs due to illness with many unable to afford to make up the shortfall by buying a boiler that can cost over £1000.”