Can’t blame the drought on @barrabest

NI Water
NI Water

The weather has become a lot like our food these days, it always seems to come with a warning, and I’m not blaming Barra Best.

My Twitter timeline without Barra would be like living in a house without windows. The man is amazingly prolific, I am convinced there are two of him.

With tweets, retweets and replies he is busier than the talking clock fielding calls from Stormont.

Rolling weather forecasts bring endless fascination.

So I suppose, we could be forgiven for overlooking the warnings of the strike action by staff at NI Water.

‘Sure it’ll make no difference, unless something breaks down’ was the fleeting thought I had.

And then the taps went dry. I couldn’t make a cup of coffee - priorities. Buckets of water were hauled from an almost frozen nearby stream in the evening, and that allowed a grand total of two toilet flushes.

Anyway - we made it through our 20-hour drought. It was a small insight into the plight of those forced to go almost a week without water.

With too many warnings, we sometimes dismiss the ones that matter.