Careful who you let into your home - PSNI

POLICE in G District have issued a reminder to householders in Magherafelt area to be vigilant around who they let into their homes.

There are many door to door sale people who operate legitimate businesses however there are criminals who will use the guise of selling clothes, tool or household items in order to gain access to your home and steal your valuables.

These people will use whatever ploy they can think of to gain access to your home from asking for a drink of water to wanting to use the telephone. If they can’t provide genuine identification or you feel uncomfortable in any way close and lock your front door.

If you feel the incident warrants reporting to police then note down any information you can about the person and the vehicle they are using including the registration.

The more information police have the more we can do to check out the caller. Further advice and information is available from your local Crime Prevention Officer or Neighbourhood Team – contact details can be found on the PSNI website or by ringing 0845 600 8000.