Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society

THE Society is pleased to announce the success of the morning gardening activities held in the walled garden at Parkanaur for children P1-P7 school age.

Over the past 4 weeks a number of children attended and judging by their reaction all enjoyed the experience. After spending some time “getting their hands dirty” in the polytunnels, they were all handsomely fed with burgers and hot

dogs from Leslie Armstrong’s infamous BBQ.

Well supervised by Bernie McKenna and Betty Meneely amongst others, who also served up liquid refreshments and sweets, and all left with a momento of their time spent there.

Much of the soil has now been rotavated and the planting of potatoes has begun in earnest. The process of vegetable planting has also begun in the new raised beds.

The Society contlnues to invest in much needed equipment and compost with grants from The Public Health Agency.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th April at 8.00pm in the Parish Hall. This will be an open evening where guest speaker Dean McCoy of Bluebells Garden Centre will give a talk. Non members are welcome and refreshment will be provided.