Castledawson BB annual display well supported

GUEST of honour at the 44th annual display held by 1st Castledawson Company of the Boys Brigade, was Mr Stephen Orr.

Taking place last Friday night in the new Presbyterian church hall, the event was well supported by family, friends and those who were specially invited, all of who enjoyed a varied programme .Company Fall In was followed by an opening hymn, prayer and then a warm welcome given by the chairman, Rev Kenneth Patterson.

Presentations took place of both Presidents and Queens Badges before the first action of the night saw the Company Section produce their well organised “drill squad”.It was then the turn of the Junior Section with “the golden statue”, which was impressive in size to say the least, and two sketches by the Anchor Boys with an appropriate Olympic theme. The Company Section took centre stage once again with “a question of sport” and the Anchor Boys followed on with “the three trees”.The action, and fun, continued thick and fast now when all in attendance marvelled at the Junior Sections “figure marching” and the Company Section “vaulting”.

Team games saw the Junior Section take to the floor while in a finale, the Company Section presented “the Olympic flag”.There was resounding applause from the audience with Company Fall In being a prelude to Mr Stpehen Orr giving his remarks.

Here, the guest of honour thanked 1st Castledawson for their invite and he praised the high standard set by all the boys, and their leaders, in producing such an energetic and enjoyable display. There then followed a number of awards presented while Vesper Hymn, Benediction and Company Fall Out concluded yet another successful event in the 44 year history of this particular Boys Brigade group.