Castledawson primary schools in shared education project

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Children from Castledawson Primary School and New Row Primary School will be working together in partnership through the Shared Education Project.

Shared Education involves the provision of opportunities for children and young people from different community backgrounds to learn together. (Education and Training Inspectorate)

The focus is to build upon the already existing relationship between the two schools and to progress to the next level where the main focus is on raising standards in teaching and learning.

The children from both schools will be involved in a series of shared lessons, with the initial phase running from April to June 2016.

The aims of the programme will be to develop friendships and promote learning through PDMU, Literacy, Numeracy, World Around Us, PE and Art activities using a shared class approach.

A spokesperson for the schools said: “The children from the two schools will also be exploring personal attributes, similarities and differences as part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

“This is a three year project which will allow the two schools to share good practice and expertise and to plan and deliver lessons together.

“In this first year the project focuses on children in Key Stage 2 through the topics of Energy and The Olympics, with the intention to include all classes over the next two years.”