Castledawson singer performs for star Liam

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CASTLEDAWSON musician John Gribbin got the red carpet treatment when he sang for Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson at Cinemagic’s New York opening.

The third Cinemagic New York Film and Television Festival for Young People kicked off with a special reception in 75 Wall Street condominiums, Manhattan launched by patron of the charity Liam Neeson. Local man John Gribbin had the special honour of performing in front of Liam and an invited audience including young filmmakers from Belfast.

“It was a real joy to hang out with Liam, my mum and my sister Mary Teresa on the roof of a manhattan skyscraper - now thats something you don’t do everyday,” he said on his website.

“It was a night that I will never forget. I want to thank all those at Cinemagic for all their hard hard work, and for having me along.”

It seems to be a fortunate time for the Gribbin family, John’s brother is Ciaran Gribbin who was announced last week as the new singer for INXS.

“I’ve sat on this news for so long, and when the news broke yesterday it almost felt like I didn’t know anything about it at all! It was a totally surreal feeling. I felt blown away, excited and nervous all at the same time,” he wrote.

“To top it all off I just happened to be playing a couple of tunes at a wonderful event in Manhattan to open the New York Cinemagic Festival, hosted by none other than Mr Liam Neeson. So I am standing on a rooftop in Manhattan, over looking the greatest city in the world, Liam Neeson is on my left, my mum is on my right, and the whole time I have ‘Tiny Summer’ by INXS running through my head. Seriously I had to pinch myself.”