Cause of Derrylaughan blaze unclear

The cause of a blaze that took hold of the 'moss' in Derrylaughan and Aughamullan on Sunday night is still unclear.

Images and video emerged of the raging fire, which lit up up the night sky, but was said not to be a danger to homes.

Moss on fire in Derrylaughan area last night

Moss on fire in Derrylaughan area last night

Concern soon turned towards small animals that may have been living in the moss.

Mid Ulster SDLP councillor Malachy Quinn, who captured the fire on camera, said: "That fire was burning everything trees and hedges on fire. Any new borns won’t get away."

A spokesperson for the Fire Service said: "Firefighters were called to a bog fire.

"Using beaters Firefighters reduce the size of the fire and it was then left to burn out. The incident was dealt with at 11.34pm."

Crews from Dungannon and Portadown attended the call-out which was logged at 9.41pm on Reenaderry Road, Coalisland.