Challenge to farmers after lamb dumped in Pomeroy

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy has urged the farming community to dispose of dead animals properly, after a carcass was abandoned in Pomeroy.

The dumping of the young lamb on the Edendoit Road is the latest in a series of incidents in the area.

Mid Ulster District Council have been informed, as well as police, and calls have been made for authorities to remain vigilant.

Mr Molloy spoke out about the “disgraceful” incident which occurred last Thursday.

“The dumping of these dead animals is not only illegal but is completely reckless and done without any concern for the implications for public health or the landowner”, said the Sinn Fein MP.

“I am calling on all farmers to ensure they dispose of dead animals properly and effectively. It is in no one’s interest to have animal carcasses lying close to the roadside, polluting the nearby rivers and causing potential spread of infection and disease.”

Mr Molloy explained this was the latest dumping incident reported on this section of privately owned land.

“Each time to have an animal removed it costs money and causes distress”, he continued.

“I have notified Mid Ulster Council and police have been informed of the series of incidents so that a closer check can be kept on the area. However, the main responsibility lies with the farming community to ensure that they dispose of dead animals correctly.

“I can’t imagine any farmer would want someone coming along and throwing off a dead animal on their ground. Why therefore would it be acceptable for animals to be dumped on this ground.

“This behaviour must end and I would urge the local farming community to play their part in bringing it to an end, to be vigilant of vehicles in the area and to spread the message that dumping of animals is unacceptable and simply shows the farming community in a poor light.”