Charlie Crow sequel brought to book

Tyrone author Jean Kelly pictured with Charlie Crow, the star of her new book and his colleagues.
Tyrone author Jean Kelly pictured with Charlie Crow, the star of her new book and his colleagues.

TYRONE author Jean Kelly has just completed a sequel to her first children’s book featuring the renowned Charlie Crow.

‘Charlie Crow and The Vanishing River’ is the follow-up which has been superbly illustrated by Emma Colbert.

‘Charlie Crow’ became a local success story with nearly 200 primary schools across Northern Ireland using it along with its accompanying educational pack.

Jean is keen that the sequel will not disappoint and added that she enjoys receiving letters from her young readers.

“Charlie Crow is, as usual, in the thick of things. Despite peaceful resolutions at the end of the last story, reality has proved to be more difficult than expected. This may sound familiar! A family of red squirrels has moved into the forest and trouble is brewing with the grey squirrels. As if this isn’t bad enough someone has been stealing the river water and the forest residents who rely on the river for food are going hungry,” she explained.

Jean said she listened to the feedback from teachers and this time incorporated questions, discussion topics and suggested activities on each chapter at the back of the book. They cover a wide range of educational topics from pollution to peer pressure.

Jean worked for many years in cross-community environmental education with the Speedwell Trust where she held a special launch for teachers on Tuesday night (October 15) incorporating a Charlie Crow Tour of Parkanaur Forest.

Colourful characters are to the fore once more and include Rory Robin who is back as his old, cynical self, whilst newcomer, Bert Kingfisher, a snappy dresser, is a small bird with a big personality.

“The characters are what make these books special, I love to receive letters from children asking me if Madge Rabbit has recovered or telling me that they have been to Parkanaur Forest and found the Stone Arch where Mavis Wood Mouse lives,” she added.

You can find out more about Charlie Crow and friends at or order your very own, signed, first edition copy at You can also email and ask Jean to dedicate a book as a very special birthday present or keep it as a stocking filler with a difference.