Check that parking ticket...warns Cookstown motorist

The car park at SuperValu in Cookstown
The car park at SuperValu in Cookstown

A motorist got a nasty shock when she returned from shopping to find a parking charge notice stuck on her car windscreen.

The woman couldn't understand why because she had been parked correctly in the SuperValu park in Cookstown.

"I took a closer look at the ticket hoping for an explanation when I noticed the registration wasn't mine," she said.

"Some git had been fined, searched the car park for the same make and model of car and placed it on my windscreen hoping I would pay it.

"What kind of person does that!"

The motorist has now taken to social media warning others to be careful.

"I doubt this is the first time it's happened and won't be the last so be viligant," she said.

Parking restrictions at the SuperValu car park on the Burn Road were introduced two years ago to deter all day parkers from using space required for shoppers.

There is no charge for using Cookstown's main parks.