Check your broadband speed

COOKSTOWN District Council is continuing its efforts to lobby for improved broadband infrastructure in the area.

And the council wants to highlight the fact that the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) is currently consulting to determine where ‘gaps’ in broadband provision exist.

DETI has published information where they believe the choice of broadband provision is limited and/or the available speeds are less than 2 Megabits per second.

The turquoise blue shaded areas in DETI’s map below indicates where the provision of at least 2 Mbps services is limited to one or two suppliers and may need further broadband investment.

The non-shaded white areas are those which DETI believes there are no broadband problems.

Sean Clarke, Sinn Féin councillor for the Drum Manor area, recently wrote to both the Enterprise Minister and Agriculture Minister to once again highlight the disparity between broadband availability in urban and rural locations.

“While it is great to see that high speed broadband is developing further in the cities the rural communities are still lagging far behind in the ability to connect at a reasonably high speed. This is a real disadvantage to small and medium sized business as well as community groups and the individual user.

If you are a resident or business in Cookstown District and continue to experience broadband problems then it is essential that you take the following steps:

1. Log on to
 2. Check if you postcode is included by clicking on Postcode List

3. If your postcode is not listed on the postcode List, then click on Response Form.

4. Complete the Response Form and return it by 12 October to: DETI Telecoms Branch, Netherleigh, Belfast, BT4 2JP or email to:

A copy of DETI’s Response Form can also be obtained on request by telephoning DETI on 028 9052 9352 or textphone 028 9052 9304.

Cookstown District Council’s Economic Development Manager, Fiona McKeown, is urging residents and businesses in the district who continue to experience broadband problems, to check if their postcode is included on DETI’s list.

“Your assistance is crucial in helping DETI to map where broadband gaps exist in the Cookstown District and failure to register your postcode by 12 October may result in your area being excluded from any future broadband improvements. Please help us to help you receive improved broadband services in the future,” she said.

Anyone in the Cookstown District who does not have broadband access and would like to view a copy of the above information, can make an appointment to view with Fiona McKeown at Cookstown District Council on 028 8676 2205.