Children forced to ‘jump out of way’ of car running red light at Cookstown crossing

Police speed operation on the Morganshill Road, Cookstown
Police speed operation on the Morganshill Road, Cookstown

Two more school children have suffered a near-miss with a car after it ran a red light as they walked on the pedestrian crossing at Morgan’s Hill Road on Tuesday.

The youngsters were reported to have had to “jump out of the way” to avoid serious injury in the incident.

This brings the total number of kids who have suffered scares at the crossing to around five.

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A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “At about 3.30pm on Tuesday,16, police received a report that a vehicle had gone through a red traffic signal on a crossing at Morgan’s Hill Road, Cookstown.

“Two schoolchildren were on the crossing at the time and had to jump out of the way. Neither was injured.

“Police at Cookstown would like to hear from anyone who saw the incident.”

In response to the incident police were out monitoring traffic in the area this morning.

But they have come for some stick online as one person said the “bus leaves at 8.35am, so kids will [be] crossing anytime before that, the police arrived at 9am when kids already in school!!”

Two others have called for the installation of speed bumps along the road to slow traffic down.

Police said of the operation: “Police conducting speeding ops this morning on Morgans Hill Road, Cookstown around school times in response to residents concerns in this area.

“We will continue to monitor to keep our kids safe.”