Clan O’Neill representatives say Tullaghogue discoveries ‘mind-blowing’

Ancient Clan O'Neill
Ancient Clan O'Neill

A GROUP of local historians have been given a unique glimpse into the project to uncover the “mind blowing” history of the ancient Tullaghoge Fort.

Representatives from the Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone were invited to visit the site, which is currently undergoing excavation by archaeologists from Queen’s University.

The group from the the O’Neill Clan were led by Tricia Morrow vice guardian, Mal O’Neill head guardian Grange Branch Armagh, Stephen Gildernew Head Guardian Dungannon branch, Dympna Heron Head Guardian Stewartstown Branch, alongside committee members Ida and Jimmy Heron, Edward Heron and amateur archaeologist Ronnie Carson.

Dympna Heron, Head Guardian of the An Craobh Branch of the Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone, said she believes Tullaghoge Fort may well be as old as the Egyptian Pyramids.

Ms Heron said she realises that the dig at Tullaghoge is at an exploratory stage but is encouraged by the remains so far unearthed.

She went on to say: “The few prehistoric artefacts so far discovered by the Queen’s University team are taking us further and further back into the mists of time which may even be as far back as 3000 years BC, and to think that Tullaghoge Fort may have been constructed at the same time as New Grange and by the same people is mind blowing.”

Ms Heron, who has a great passion for history and archeology, has been elected as Liasion Officer for the Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone and will be keeping a written and photographic diary of the entire dig and redevelopment of the fort.