Clonoe priest ‘honoured’ to be made a canon by the Archbishop

Clonoe Parish Priest is now Canon Fee
Clonoe Parish Priest is now Canon Fee

Clonoe parish priest Father Benny Fee has said he is honoured to be made one of four new canons appointed by the Archdiocese of Armagh.

News of Canon Fee’s - as he will now be known - new appointment was made public just in time for the church’s Easter celebrations.

“It was announced yesterday (Thursday, March 24) by the Archbishop of Armagh that he was appointing four new canons to the metropolitan chapter of the cathedral,” Canon Fee told the Times on Good Friday.

“I feel very honoured for myself and the family, but it is more an honour for the parish of course, the good people of Clonoe and of course the priests Father McKeown and Father McCallion.

“The Archbishop is also honouring them perhaps more than myself.”

Along with title of Canon comes new responsibilities for the Clonoe priest.

At two meetings with the Archbishop in each year, he said: “The canons would be the advisers to the Archbishop.

The community has welcomed the news of Canon Fee’s new appointment, with many posting their congratulations on the Clonoe Gallery Facebook site.