Co Derry couple devastated by vandalism of baby daughter’s grave

Enagh Cemetery.
Enagh Cemetery.

A Co Derry couple have spoken of their heartache after their baby daughter’s grave was vandalised.

Ronald and Natisha Moore’s daughter Alyssa-Cole was born on February 7 10, 2012.

“At three days old Alyssa-Cole passed away in our arms after being disconnected from life support. This was the first and last time we held our baby girl,” Ronald told the ‘Journal’.

The Limavady couple were disgusted when they heard their daughter’s grave at Enagh Cemetery had been wrecked. Ronald explained how the vandalism, which occurred sometime between Wednesday and Friday, was discovered.

“My brother-in-law and his fiancée called into visit, which they do weekly and, as walking towards the grave, noticed her ornaments on the grave tossed over the place like rubbish. There were also other graves with flowers tossed about,” said Ronald.

The couple say what happened makes them “furious that our daughter cannot rest in peace without a thug thinking it’s fun to throw personal items from us to her around like rubbish.”

Natisha said: “As a mother I feel distraught, disgusted and appalled that someone would do that to a graveside, let alone a child’s grave. It’s clear that the grave is a child’s forever bed; for one it has a teddy bear cuddling the headstone and, two, it clearly states that she passed away at three days old. It broke my heart so much that when I had my son down for a nap I lay beside him and cried. I cried myself to sleep.”

DUP councillor Alan Robinson said what happened was “despicable”.

“These types of incidents are very upsetting for loved ones who visit gravesides for comfort, private time and to pay respect,” said Colr. Robinson.

“Unfortunately there are some in society who have no respect and I would say to those individuals who are frequenting this cemetery that it is not a place for a social gathering or to loiter within.

“It is despicable for anyone to interfere in any way with the resting places of loved ones.”

Sinn Féin Councillor Brenda Chivers has expressed her revulsion at what happened.

Councillor Chivers said: “The loss of a child is a terrible tragedy and many parents are still in the initial grieving process so when I heard that someone had destroyed flowers, ornaments and other tributes I was totally shocked.

“Whoever carried out this destruction needs to realise the hurt they are causing and should stay away from the cemetery altogether. I am calling on the local council to review security so that families can have peace of mind that the graves of their loved ones will remain undisturbed when the cemetery is closed.”