Coagh man jailed for disorderly behaviour


A Coagh man was given a three month sentence and seven day custodial sentence after District Judge John Meehan said he had concerns for the possibility of him re-offending.

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrates Court last Wednesday (May 21) was Patrick Gibbons (34) from Bridgend, who admitted using disorderly behaviour and failing to surrender for sentencing on January 2 and May 7 this year.

A defence solicitor told a sitting of the east Tyrone Magistrates Court that Gibbons is currently undertaking a six week course in addiction and that he has taken great strides in attempting to shift drugs out of his life for good.

He said Gibbons has been living at Northlands Addiction Centre where he is receiving treatment.

Handing down the sentence at court, District Judge John Meehan referred to Gibbons’ ‘long-standing tempestuous relationship’ and his significant criminal record.

He told the court he had concerns for re-offending and he instructed Gibbons to ‘take responsibility for what you do.’

Gibbons, who appeared in court, was also ordered to pay a £20 offender’s levy.