Coalisland church attack condemned

Holy Family Church Coalisland
Holy Family Church Coalisland

AN attack on the Church of the Holy Family in Coalisland, in which three windows were smashed, has been condemned by local SDLP representative, Malachy Quinn, who urged those responsible to “wise up”.

Mr Quinn told the TIMES: “I, like hundreds of others who visited Coalisland Chapel over the weekend for Mass and Confession, were angered to see that the church had been a victim of vandalism.

“People in Coalisland Parish take great pride in the church and the significant repair work funded by local parishioners which is ongoing.”

Continuing, Mr Quinn said: “The people who carried out this attack need to wise up and realise that this just isn’t an attack on a building but on the community who use this church. This type of thing is not wanted by the people of Coalisland and won’t be tolerated by the people of Coalisland.”