Coalisland man called female police officer a “f***ing ‘awl’ tramp”


A Coalisland man who was named as one of ‘twenty repeat offenders in the district’ has been jailed for 4 months.

Ronan Patrick Hamilton, 23, of Mourne Crescent, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour, possession of Class A controlled drugs, possessing class B controlled drugs, three counts of threat to damage property and common assault.

A court heard how police were called to an address at Killymoon Crescent on May 21st this year after receiving reports of a male causing a disturbance.

The injured party told officers that the defendant had been verbally threatening and saying he would burn down two houses in the area and the injured party’s car.

When police arrived Mr Hamilton had made off on foot and the injured party directed police as to which direction he ran off in. Police gave chase and caught up with Mr Hamilton who was very aggressive towards officers and acting in an erratic manner. Police restrained Hamilton and found on his person two small plastic bags one containing a white powder and the other containing suspected cannabis.

When police asked him about the substances he replied: “Aye a wee bit of coke there.” He was then highly abusive to a female officer at the scene calling her a “f***ing awl tramp” and a “f***ed out awl wh***”.

When police spoke to the residents of the property they alleged that Mr Hamilton had attacked one of the men biting him on the hand and saying he would burn down the houses and the injured party’s car.

When questioned by police Hamilton said: “What is that c**t saying about me? He has set me up.” He later admitted possessing the drugs and being involved in an altercation with a male where he may have bit one of the occupants but denied threats to property.

A defence solicitor for Hamilton said his client ‘admits that he does have an anger issue’ and has been named by repeat offenders unit as ‘one of 20 repeat offenders in the district’ but had been working with officers from that unit with hope of undertaking a ‘back to work’ scheme. District Judge John Meehan sentenced Hamilton to total of 4 months in prison plus a £25 offender levy.