Coalisland man caught driving without insurance twice in 3 month period


A Coalisland man who was detected by police driving without insurance on two occasions within three months has been sentenced to a total of five months in prison.

Eamon McElkenny, 23, of Gortowen Court, Coalisland was charged with two counts of using a motor vehicle without insurance, two counts of no driving licence, two counts of a defective tyre, two counts of having no L plates displayed and having a defective light.

A court was told of how on November 1 last year, police stopped the defendant who was driving a red Ford Focus. Police asked Mr McElkenny was he the owner of the vehicle and he indicated that the passenger in the car at the time, who was his grandfather owned the vehicle.

Police also observed that the offside tyre on the vehicle was almost devoid of tread. Mr McElkenny admitted to police that he had no insurance and he was cautioned for the offences.

A court was then told of an incident on January 14, this year police were on mobile patrol on Annaghmore Road, Coalisland when they observed the defendant again driving a red ford focus.

Police pulled the vehicle over and checked the system which revealed the vehicle had no valid insurance policy and Mr McElkenny’s grandfather was again in the passenger seat.

It was also noted that the tyre on the nearside was still defective and one of the car lights was also defective and no L plates were displayed.

Speaking directly to Mr McElkenny, Judge McCrisken said: “You knew fine well in November that the car was not insured. I want to hear from you, why I shouldn’t send you to Maghaberry? Why do you think it is OK to do this?”

Mc McElkenny replied: “It won’t happen again.”

Deputy District Judge McCrisken sentenced Mr McElkenny to a total of 5 months in prison, which included the activation of one month of each of his 3 suspended sentences.

He was also disqualified from driving for a total of three years and was ordered to pay fines totalling £290 for the offences. Mr McElkenny’s solicitor indicated that his client would like to appeal and bail was fixed at £250.