Coalisland man ‘jumped on sister’s arm as she made 999 call’

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University of Ulster plans to build a multi-storey car park at its new �250 million Belfast campus.

A man allegedly broke his sister’s arm by jumping on it as she made a 999 call to get him out of her home, the High Court heard last week.

Prosecutors claimed the woman could be heard screaming before the phone line went dead.

Daniel Devlin denies a charge of causing grievous bodily harm over the incident in Coalisland, Co Tyrone earlier this month.

The 25-year-old, of no fixed address, faces a further count of criminal damage involving the alleged smashing of a window at his mother’s house.

He was arrested after police went to his 23-year-old sister’s home in the town early on June 8.

Duiring a bail application a judge was told she was found covered in blood, hysterical and screaming about the pain in her arm, claiming: “Daniel did it.”

As well as suffering the break which required an operation, she sustained facial cuts and bruising.

The woman later made a statement claiming she had been out drinking with friends and returned to find her brother and others in her living room.

According to her account she asked them to keep the noise down and then told Devlin to leave.

Prosecuting counsel Conor Maguire said the alleged attack was launched after the accused’s sister threatened to phone the police.

“She stated that he started jumping with both feet on her left arm while she was holding the mobile phone,” he told the court.

“She said she recalls the applicant kicking her head, but he was wearing trainers throughout the attack.

“Her next recollection as of waking up in hospital.”

Mr Maguire contended her account tied in with the 999 phone call made at the time.

An operator who answered the call heard a man ask “Why did you phone the police?”, a woman screaming and the line going dead, the court heard.

Following his arrest Devlin was said to be too drunk at first to be interview, but later provided a statement denying the attack.

He also alleged that his sister had arrived home bleeding and with her hair “looking as if she had been fighting”.

Devlin claimed she broke her arm when she fell three times in the living room.

He had been staying with her since leaving his mother’s home in Coalisland after an incident on May 25.

It was claimed that he went into a rage, swiping family pictures off walls, damaging a chair and mirror and smashing his own bedroom window after being asked to be quiet because another younger sister had been sick.

His bail application was adjourned after the judge recommended psychiatric reports should be provided.