Cocaine found in Tyrone man’s false leg

PSNI officer
PSNI officer

A sniffer dog detected drugs hidden in a Brantry man’s false leg, a court has heard.

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday was Joseph Vincent Kelly, 18, from Rehaghy Road.

He pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and attempted possession of MDMA on December 11 2015.

Police reported performing a drugs operation outside Lanyon Hall in Cookstown.

Their sniffer dog indicated that the defendant as he went to enter the nightclub and he was subsequently searched.

A white powder substance and number of tablets were found which Kelly told police that he believed to be cocaine and ecstacy.

Mr Craig Patton, defending, told the court that his client had nothing on his record.

He said that at age fourteen Mr Kelly had suffered from cancer culminating in his right leg being amputated.

“He was approached by people who asked him to use his false leg to get drugs into the club,” Mr Patton stated.

Despite being on both DLA and DSA, the defence barrister told the court that his client, who he called a “vulnerable person” aims to find employment despite his difficulties.

Handing down sentence, Deputy District Judge Peter King told the defendant, “It is with deep regret that you now find yourself with a record.

“You need to choose your friends more carefully ... people are willing to take advantage of you.”

He then handed down fines totalling £200 as well as a £15 offender’s levy.