Collective Memory

GLASLOUGH Development Association is delighted to announce details of the Collective Memory initiative, kindly supported with funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This is a locally based cross-border heritage project centred in the tri-village area and surrounding locality of Glaslough in County Monaghan, Caledon in County Tyrone and Tynan in County Armagh.

It aims to gather stories and memories of times gone by through the collection of oral history recordings, old photographs, local history AND newspaper articles and other items of interest that relate to and ‘show off’ the social/community history of this particular area from the past century or two – and even further back if it can be found!

The Partition act of 1921 lead to the ‘cutting off’ and detachment of a hinterland of three villages; Caledon, Glaslough, and Tynan - three villages that were also at the connection point of three counties. The Collective Memory Project aims to re-establish links and reconnect through shared histories and stories of this tri-village area.

It is hoped to use the resulting collected material to create an historical archive for the area – one that can be used as a basis for future heritage and culture events within the locality, such as heritage days, local history exhibitions and much more.

Topics of particular interest – and these are to name but a few:

- Local folklore, poetry, ghost stories, traditional sports and sporting heroes/clubs past and present, local fairs, festivals and dances from down through the years, birth, death and marriage customs.

- Memories of local characters/neighbours from the villages, local businesses, shops and industries that operated in the area

- Information on the natural history of the area, townlands and place names, the old railways, old schools, churches and graveyards

-Memories of the local estates; the ‘big houses’, can you remember former staff or relatives who worked at Castle Leslie, Caledon estate and Tynan Abbey from days gone by?

- Life on the Border down through the decades, before and after World War I and II, life during and after the Troubles

Would you like to know more and get involved? Come along to a public information session on: Tuesday 5th March 2013 at 8pm, Caledon Courthouse, Caledon. Refreshments will be served. For more information contact Yvonne Kelly on (00353) 47 88099 or email at